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Geo Lens

Pre-order for Raya Batch now Open =)
until 13/08/2010
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Apple Eye Baby

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Geo Lens Catalogue

Introducing another big eye contact lens brand which is GEO.
This brand is very very popular.
It is very comfortable and less drying than other big eye contact lens
because of its high water content.
100% from Korea 100% Authentic Guaranteed!
Geo Lens is Pre Order
No Patient - No order

Read Me First!
T & C

1) Payment has to be made before the pre-order close.
Otherwise, your order will be cancel.
2) Please don't order if you're not willing to wait.
3) Waiting time is approx 2-3weeks after orders
has been submitted to the suppliers.
4) Serious buyers only. No back-outs, refunds or exchanges
allow upon form submission.
5) Upon sealing the lens bottle, it’s only for 6 months to 1 year.
Depends on how you taking care of the lens.
Normally it last one year from the day you break the seal.

We do not support power lenses
for the following models :
Nudy Violet (CH-621)
Nudy Green (CH-623)
Nudy Golden Blue (CH-932)
Geo Twins (YH301-306)
Magic Color 2tone (CM721-CM725)
All Animation & Special Lens

Degree available :
Plano ~ -5.00D (-0.25DS)
-5.00D ~ -10.00D (-0.50DS)

* Power need to be provided even if it's zero (0/0)

eg : CM-901 (250/175)

Pricelist :
Magic color 2tone RM35
Magic color 3tone RM38
Nudy quarter RM35
Angel color RM35
Fresh color RM35
Twins/ TS RM38
Photo lens RM70 UV lens RM45
Animation/Festival/Character RM45
Toric Lens RM140

Self-Collect available

(For Geo Lens)
WM: RM7 (14 pairs onwards additional RM1)
EM: RM10 (14 pairs onwards additional RM2)
will be charged.
We will not be held liable for any damage or loss made during delivery

♥ Read me ♥


Toric Lens RM140


For you to know

Beware of Fake GEO Lens!!



They are many people selling fake Geo lens out there.
Do not be fooled by seller who
are importing their fake GEO from China.
Geo lens is manufactured in Korea!
Pluss++ is only manufactured in

by Geo Medical.

First time lens user Guidelines * READ *

1. You will have far more success and satisfaction with the lens if you
follow this schedule. Your eyes need time to adjust to the lens.

Day 1 - 1 hour of wear
Day 2- 2 hours of wear
Day 3 to Day 5- 3 hours of wear
Day 6 - 4 hours of wear
Day 7 - 5 hour of wear
Day 8 - 6 to 8 hours of wear

2. Reaction of first time contact lens use include; tearing,
redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking
and movement of the lens. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses,
these symptons will gradually diminish.

3. Upon removing the lens, place the lens in your palm ready to
be cleaned, followed by placing the lens in the case with fresh solution.

4. Rinse the lens throughly with more all purpose solution. Never use
homemade solutions, mineral water or tap water.
They may contain organisms that could cause an infection.

Important Guidelines

1. These lenses are for comestic purposes and should only be worn for
6 to 8 hours at a time, even if they feel comfortable.

2. Never sleep or nap while wearing your lenses!!
It's Dangerous!!

3. Apply Cosmetics after you insert your lens adn remove cosmetics after
removing your lenses. Water based comestics are less damaging to
your lens then oil based.

4. Never swim while wearing your lenses. It is very likely that you
will lose them and if not lost they may get contaminated

5. Do not get lotions, creams or sprays in your eyes or on your lenses
and avoid the presence of chemicals.

6. Never skip in lens care.

7. Do not share lenses with your friends.

Preparing you Lenses for Insertion

1. Wash your hands with NON CREAM BASED soap,
rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free towel prior to
inserting your lenses. A wet finger may cause a soft
lens to flatten or stick to you finger when you attempt to
insert the lens.

2. Avoid using fingernails to handle your lenses.

3. Do not work with your lenses over a sink; you could lose one down
the drain and disinfect if the lens drop.

4. Pour the lens and storage fluid from the lens case into your palm.
Inspect the lenses for particles, deposits, small crack or tears. Upon
opening your new lens package, ensure that lenses sit in fresh solution
for 4 to 6 hours, followed by proper cleaning instructions.

5. If your lenses feel dry or if your vision is blurred, blink hard several times.
If the redness or blurry vision persists after blinking, apply one or two comfort drops
(eye drops)--you can easily buy from Watson,Guardian or any pharmacy.

6. It is advisable to place solution in your lens carrying case and carry it with
you at all times. You never know when you may have to remove your lenses.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Golden Treasure

RM36 only
Item code: Golden Treasure
Condition: Worn once only for less than 3 hours
(Just bought it last 2weeks)
Perfect condition
Color: Black
Size: Size 40/ Vincci's Size 8
Status : Available

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tube Maxi Dress With Lace Kebaya

Bought it last year for RM200 (1 set) still with tag!!
A) Item code : Lace Kebaya
(includes Pos Laju)
Condition : Wore once only for Raya
Perfect condition
Color : Baby Blue
Size : S-M
Status : Available

B) Item code : Tube Maxi Dress
(includes Pos Laju)
Condition : Never worn
(except for trying purpose)

Perfect condition
Color : White & Blue prints
Size : S-M (Stretchable)
Status : Available

C) Both??? Willing to let go for
(1 set)
(includes Pos Laju)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tops : Softy pink

RM20 Now RM18
Item code : Softy Pink
Condition : Used less than 5times
Perfect condition
Color : Pink
Size : M
Status : Available

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Batch 3

22/5: Orders has been submitted to the suppliers =)

Geo Lens

25/4/09 ~ 18/5/09
** Buy 2 contact lens free 2 contact lens case
** Valid for Batch 3 only

Batch 3

Orders (paid) :
1. Ahmad Johari bin Zakry CP-F1(0/0)
2. Nikki CH625 (600/600), CM832 (600/600)
3. Ixora CH-625 (0/0), CM-904 (0/0), CH-623 (0/0)
4. Nur Diyanah CH-624 (0/0), CM-901 (0/0), CM-905 (0/0), CM-834 (0/0)
5. Ziyan CM-904 (325/325)
6. Ai rin CM-838 (500/500)
7. Aliya Samsudin Fresh Brown (0/0)
8. Linda Mohd Fresh Brown (250/175), CM-831 (0/0)
9. Mohd Safuan CM-901 (0/0)
10. Azharina Khairuddin CH-625 (225/425), CM-903 (0/0), CH-624 200/200)
11. Masreena Sani CH-624 (200/200), CM-903 (0/0), CM-905 (150/150), CH-625 (225/250)
12. Alizat CM-836 (100/100), CH-624 (100/100), CH-625 (225/225)
13. Danny CH-625 (400/500), CM-835 (0/0)
14. Mohd Asri CP-S1 (0/0), CM-839 (425/425)
15. Tina Loo CM-901 (275/450) , CM-832(475/500), CM-902 (0/0)
16. Liyana Maisarah CM-836 (700/700), CM-835 (700/700), CM-836 (0/0), CM-903 (0/0)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bottom : White Lace

RM15 Now RM13
Item code : White Lace
From : Orange Sorbet
Condition : worn once only
Perfect condition
Color : White cream
Size : M (Can fit size 26/27)
Status : Available

Bottom : Sexytary

RM20 Now RM18
Item code : Sexytary
From : Gizz
Condition : Worn once only
Perfect condition
Color : Brown
Size : M (Can fit size 26/27)
Status : Available

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sony CDX-656x

Sony Compact Disc Changer

(Normal price RM600++)
Item code : CDX-656x
Condition : New (Open Box)
Items :
a) CD changer with 10 magazines
b) Sony Warranty Card
c) 2 Brackets | 2 Cables | Screws | Manual
d) With box
Status : Available

Features :
* Super suspension as a superior shockproof system
* CD text enables to display information included in CD
* 1bit D/A converter for high sound quality
* 10 Disc Changer | CD-R/RW Playback
* 8 x Oversampling Digital Filter | Repeat/Shuffle

Self-Collect : (FOC)
Other places? Mail me.
(depending on date & time)

WM: RM12
EM: RM20
will be charged.

Interested? fill up the form or mail me :

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Batch 2

4/5 : Lens reached today! Will be sorting them and send them out asap.
COD time as follow ~
1) Giant section18 : Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-8pm
Other time - Sunway pyramid/Summit Usj/SS15/Mcd Kota Kemuning can be arranged.
Please mail me 1 day before to arrange time & place.
: Orders has been submitted. Supplier will send out the lenses within 2 weeks from Korea.

24/3/2009 - 16/4/2009
Batch 2 Promotion!!
* All RM35 lens buy 2 for RM63 (2nd item for RM28!)
* All RM38 lens buy 2 for RM68 (2nd item for RM30!)
* All RM45 lens buy 2 for RM85 (2nd item for RM40!)

* Promotion valid for Batch 2 only

Orders (Paid) :
1. Nurhazlina CM-902(225/225), CM-903(225/225), Fresh Brown(0/0), CH-622(150/150).
2. Fify CM-901(0/0),CM-903(0/0)
3. Esther Ng CM-833(400/400),CH-622 (0/0)
4. Tina Wong CM-834 (550/550), CM-834(0/0), CM-904(300/300), CM-903(550/550)
5. Emirah Yusuff CM-832(0/0), CM-723(0/0), Fresh Brown(0/0), CH-624 (225/225)
6. Maya Athirah CP-A1(0/0), CP-A2(0/0)
7. Roselinda Roslan CM-904(100/100), CM-901 100/100), CM-903(100/100)
8. Noor Hasyimah CM-901(225/225), CM-901(0/0)
9. Izzat Razin CM-831(0/0)
10. Shahrifuddin CM-835(0/0)
11. Farah Sharihan Mohd CM-833(0/0), CM-834(0/0)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Batch 1

5/5 : COD time as follow ~
1) Giant section18 : Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-8pm
Other time - Sunway pyramid/Summit Usj/SS15/Mcd Kota Kemuning can be arranged
Please mail me 1 day before to arrange time & place.
4/4 : Lens reached today! Will be sorting them and send them out asap.
: Orders have been submitted. Supplier will send out the lenses within 2 weeks from Korea.


1. Suhana CM-904 (125/125), CM-833 (450/450)
2. Sabrina Chee CH-625(0/0)
3. Ridzuan Ahmad SF-05 (0/0)
4. Intan Lydiana CH-932(0/0), CH-624 (200/200)
5. Carmen Lee CH-625 (225/425), CM-903 (0/0), CH-624 (200/200)
6. Erica Tan Fresh Brown (150/125), CM-901 (300/300), CM-902 (300/300)
7. Margaret Lim CH-622 (125/125), CM-833 (125/125), CM-835 (125/125)
8. Rubita CH-624 (150/175), CP-F1 (0/0)
9. Jenny Liaw CM-903 (100/100)
10. Rozaidah Bt Maarof CH-932 (0/0), CM-903 (0/0)
11. Melinda CP-A2 (0/0), CM-903 (150/150)
12. Aziah Ismail CH-624 (700/700),CM-836 (600/650), Fresh Brown (0/0), CH-624 (200/200)
13. Nurul Atikah Bt Mohamad CM835 (500/500), Fresh Brown (250/175), SF-06 (0/0)
14. Vivian loo CM-904 (0/0), CM-903 (0/0), CH-625 (0/0)
15. Justin Seng CP-K4 (0/0)
16. Aida Melissa Fresh Brown (450/550)
17. Mohd Izzat CP-F1 (0/0), SF-05 (0/0)
18. Nur Syamimi CH-625 (200/400), CM-903 (200/400), CH-623 (0/0)
19. Katrina Teoh CH-932 (0/0), CM-835 (250/250), CM-902 (300/300), CP-A2 (0/0) ,CP-A6 (0/0)
20. Zarina Muzaffar CP-A2(0/0), CM-835 (250/250)
21. David CP-K4 (0/0), CM903 (175/175)
22. Nur Atikah bt Yusuff CH-932 (0/0), CH-625 (0/0)
23. Shuhaida CM835 (0/0)

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